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Discrepancy between dimensions & pattern

1 year ago
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First of all I have a good fitting sloper obtained with Karen's help. And I have drafted & sewn a mock up of a jacket that I'm pleased with.  Trousers too have been well fitting.
But I am trying to draft a darted sleeveless top using the classic bodice in PMB.  The actual front pattern piece bust area measured on screen & the printed out version are both about 2"- 3"  bigger than the dimensions summary which would be correct using the ease amount I selected.  The waist & hip measurements with ease are as they should be. I've tried reducing my actual bust measurement but I'm still not getting a decent fit.  Also the arm depth is far greater than the '0' drop I inputted - I then  started using a minus measurement for the arm depth but the pattern is still lower than I would like.  I've done several mock ups & none of them come close to the top I would like.  In fact I'm on the verge of trying a bought pattern & merging the two if I can't get this right.  Please can you offer any suggestions.
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1 year ago
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Please send your style summary to so we can take a look.
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