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Is it possible to do this in boutique

1 year ago
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Is it possible to take a pattern piece (say a front of a garment) out of a page with other pattern pieces, and copy and paste into another page with/without other pages.
Or how is this allowed at all?
If not, I am guessing you have to make a lot of changing from one  page to print from it then go to the other page to print what is needed.  If changes are to done it will be guessing between printed pages and then construct what is needed for changes.  Hope this makes sense, in what I am saying combine pieces of patterns into one or the other having one page to see easer to do combining pages for the pattern.
Some types it would be nice to move a line that is not quite in the place, by nudging or clicking on line and move easily. I have not found the easy way in edltor, if there is a easy way please tell.
Thanks, hope adding pattern pieces can be done.
Patricia Nelson
1 year ago
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Hi Patricia,

I am not sure what you are describing here.  If you mean adding patterns to the Print screen in the Style Editor, no, you cannot copy or remove patterns from the print screen.  You can make any changes in Pattern Editor and only print specific patterns there though.

As for moving a line, simply click to select it, SNAP with the RIGHT mouse button to one of the end points and then move and CLICK or SNAP to place it in the new location.
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