Thursday, June 8, 2023 11:18:00 AM

Wish List Items

1 year ago
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We do take requests for new styles and features in our software programs.  Please post your wish list items here.
Wild Ginger Software, Inc.
1 year ago
#53 Quote
I would like to see a hem band be added  to T-shirt and items also that would look good.  Have one in accessories that can be modified to cross several different tops or coats.
Yes I have cut them out to do what I was making but, just let it be easier to print out as a templet.  Think that is possible.
Patricia Nelson
1 year ago
#61 Quote
There is an option for a ribbing in Details.  It could easily be made any length if not using ribbing.  There is also a banded style in blouses.   If you don’t want the tie it can be shortened.
Wild Ginger Software, Inc.