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Saved garment in catalogue

1 year ago
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The garment that I have saved in the style catalogue is for woven fabric dolman sleeve with clover collar, button front. If I make it from a stretch fabric  how is the stretch guide work with the woven measurements.  Or could I scale the blouse?  If scaled what would be the precentage to scale with?

I have made several pants from my fitted measurements and I would like to know when I do say a more relaxed fit, do I start for pants, say trouser  dart and add ease from the ease chart for that pattern?
1 year ago
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For Boutique patterns, you will need to scale the patterns in Pattern Editor.  The amount to scale depends upon the stretch amount in the fabric as determined by the stretch gauge.  In general, Boutique patterns are not drafted for very stretchy fabrics though.

Yes, for a more relaxed fit, choose the trouser cut and add more ease to the hip and crotch.
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