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French Cuffs

1 year ago
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Again, I'd love it if I could upload a photo. This would make so much more sense to anyone else coming across this issue.

I'm in Cameo 7, and I brought this up on email already a few months ago and it hasn't been updated.

the women's daywear library French cuff is odd. I input my own size and the cuff does not grade the same as the sleeve - it has regular cuff sew lines on the inside that align with the sew lines of the cuff of the shirt, but then the cut lines are a French Cuff and they're a full 2 inches wider on the attachment seam that sews to the sleeve. The sleeve is 8.75 inches at wrist (extra .25 for placket), the inside sew lines of the standard cuff are 8.5 inches - that aligns. But then the cut lines for the wrist of French cuff are 10.5 inches.

1 year ago
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Yes, the French cuff should be wider than the sleeve hem. That is where the cuff links go

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1 year ago
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huh. I have never in my life seen a cuff go an inch past the placket on any side, let alone both sides. I do realize the folded flare end does go past...hence the flared angle, but past the placket is new to me. a google search for images can't find anything quite like it either, but I'll take your word for it. thanks!