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Pattern Sheets & Collar Stands

1 year ago
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I've had this happen a few times now, but this time I did a screen grab to ask. What do we do in Pattern Sheets when a pattern piece doesn't have a label that aligns with the piece?

And this issue carries over to marking for grading, because then there's no option for that either. Now, I take everything still into Adobe Illustrator to customize and, in this case, individually measure and fix every collar stand. In most cases, I'm altering things anyway and I'm still far faster in AI, but a collar stand seems like it should be in there.

There is no option for collar stand. Seems weird.

Also, I took a photo of the drop down missing the collar stand option...but it seems we can't upload photos here? I have to upload it elsewhere and link it? If the forums are to be useful as a database search tool and essentially save you time from repeat inquiries, that might be something to change.
1 year ago
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The collar band is a straight collar and grades the same as any other straight collar.  If you look in the User's Guide on page 128, you will see the tags for the collar band.

The forums software is canned product that came with our store software.  For some reason, they do not allow photos to be included.  Right now that is not something we can change.  You can always send us the photo directly.
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1 year ago
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okie dokie. thanks.
1 year ago
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[i][/i]aahahhhh found the page 128 YAY. I have seen that and it did leak out of my brain. okokok. I got it. just no style line. I just manually made all my collar stands for my first size set and honestly I just do that a lot when something isn't jiving because I'm going to customize everything anyway and I'm so much faster in AI still...but thank you! this should shave off some time.